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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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Jun 15, 2023

Chelsea and Megan of the Weird Sisters Wool Emporium sit down with us for a fun interview. Hear about their shop, how they began dyeing, their fandom inspiration, and much more. We also talk about our own projects after the interview.

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Weird Sisters Wool Emporium

Marsha interviews Chelsea and Megan of the Weird Sisters Wool Emporium in Aberdeen. Check out their shop and get a 13% discount with promo code: TwoEwesAndWeirdSisters. Coupon code is good through July 31.

Marsha’s Projects

Noromania: I am using 40 skeins of Noro Kureyon (Aran weight) to make a blanket for Mark. I’ve knit 50 inches and used 25 balls. This started out fun but at slightly past the halfway point, it is becoming a slog. Stella’s (notenoughtime) is to knit the blanket in  two halves and kitchener together. That way I will reduce the bulk while knitting the blanket. 

Anzula Socks: Using two shades of Anzula Dreamy (blue) and Squishy (coral) that I bought at Stitches 2022. Working on the foot of the second sock.

Flowers from My Garden: Starting a spinning project with fiber I bought at Stitches in March. I spun three bobbins each holding a 4 oz braid. I have plied two skeins so far.

Bankhead Hat: Using Dimond Laine Elmer Tweed worsted from Lamb & Kid in the colorways Fir and Farmhouse. Here are links to the tubular cast on tutorials from Brooklyn Tweed and Purl Soho. I’m about half way done. Using 2 stripes Farmhouse and 5 stripes Fir.

Nanny Meier Tea Cozy: Making the tea cozy for my friend Brian. Using Cascade 220 in navy and yellow.

Rose Colored Glasses Towels: Using a weaving kit from Gist Yarns to make monk’s belt hand towels. I’m in the process of warping the loom.

Kelly’s Projects

Started the color work portion of the Summer Fjord by Trin-Annelie. Main color is Quince and Co. Sparrow in an icy gray blue called Birch. I’m striping in some spirit yarn Louet linen in navy. I started working in the deep orange as the third color and I’m starting to second guess both the textured stitch patterns and the color. The pattern is  a 3 stripe repeat and I’m at the end of the second stripe.

I have two new projects, too. I started a pair of socks for myself using the yarn from Purl 2 Walla Walla. It’s a pale gold, wine, and rose that looks like it has been overwashed with a pale gray. It reminds me of wine and a charcuterie board. It’s called Epicurean Kitchen and is named for a TMACs Epicurean Kitchen on N. Colville. That’s the same street as the Kirkman House where I lived for my senior year. In fact P2W2 is just down the street, too. 

My other new project is spinning. I started spinning the braid I bought from Wonderland Dyeworks. The colorway is Summer Bliss and it is green, gold, and deep purple. I’ve spun up the 5 oz. of singles with a fractal technique and I plan to make a 3 ply. 

Coupon Code

Remember to check out the Weird Sisters Wool Emporium shop and get a 13% discount with promo code: TwoEwesAndWeirdSisters.

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