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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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Mar 3, 2024

Our Out of Hibernation Along is underway so join us and bring your hibernating projects into the sunlight. We have one more month of the Winter Weave Along so there's still time to start or finish a weaving project. 

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Mount Everest Garbage article.

Marsha’s Projects

Camella Hat: by Katie Pomper. Using Meeker Street Olive’s Outerwear DK in the colorway Dragon’s Breath. 

Nanny Meier Tea Cozy: Inspired by Lily Pulitzer colors. Using Cascade 220 in hot pink and lime green. Finished first side.

Fine Sand: by Heidi Kirrmaier. Using West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious in the colorway Claret. Blocked a second time and it fits great. Picked up and started the first sleeve.

Alpaca Shawl: I’ve woven 36”. I thought I would keep alternating twill patterns but I was really struggling getting any kind of rhythm throwing the shuttle. Decided to make larger sections tabby and smaller sections (1-1.5”) twills. Going much better!

Socks: The Artful Ewe Clackamas. Halfway down the foot of the first sock.

Baby Surprise Jacket: by Elizabeth Zimmerman. This morning I ordered her digital book that has modifications. 30,000+ projects means it must be a great pattern! I’d like to make a hooded jacket modification. 

Kelly’s Projects

Dozens of Little Squares  have four strips sewn together. 

Continuing on the Sockhead Hat with Punk Rock Unicorn Dirty Neon. 

More than halfway done with The Drifter by Tamy Gore, Narrow Path Designs  I’m using Invictus Yarns, Master of My Feet in New Jeans along with Stitch Stuff Yarns Plumpy Stuff in Off the Grid. 

Trailer bedroom curtain project is still in the threading process but I fixed the mistake that first derailed me and I’m continuing to thread reed and heddles. Usually I thread the whole reed first and then thread all the heddles, but because I knew I had a mistake, I wanted to start threading heddles where I could better see the error before I threaded all the dents in the reed and then had to take them back out due to errors. 

Ravelry Tips and Tricks

Advanced search for people. Hold down the Advanced Search tab at the top and then select people from the choices that pop up. If you have put in your location in your profile you can select a radius of miles and see all the Ravelers within that radius, e.g. within 10 miles. 

Out-of-Hibernation Along 

February 1 - June 1. Have you started? Find something that has been in hibernation and get it out and do something. Back to active status, frogging and reclaiming yarn, giving away, throwing away, composting–this is spring cleaning for your project list. Check in with your progress in the Ravelry thread. 


Winter Weave Along starts October 1 and goes through March 31. Join the fun in our Ravelry group!