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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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May 2, 2022

Our knitting projects are not inspiring right now, but we do have good news about the Kelly’s vintage trailer and an update on bees.

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Jul Designs coupon code: 15% off with code TWOEWES.  They have a wide variety of shawl pins and cuffs, and clever screw-on leather and metal closures.

Marsha’s Projects: 

Garter Squish Blanket On the tenth color. Realized I wouldn’t have enough contrasting colors. Searched my stash but couldn’t find any solid worsted weight yarn! Bought two skeins of Cascade 220 (teal and coral) so now have sixteen contrasting colors.

Unpattern Top Down Raglan Pullover by Karen Alfke. I finished the Fibonacci Sequence striping of the body except for the ribbing. I’m waiting for Ben to try on the sweater. Picked up and knit the neck band and started the first sleeve.

Troyggja vi Mynstur by Tora Joensen: I was inspired by Cat (Catitude) who shared with us her audio about touring yarn shops on the Faroe Island. I had knit for my brother,  Atlas by Jarod Flood, but the yarn I used, Navia Tradition, is too bulky for the pattern and the sweater is too small. I’ve decided to make a traditional Faroese sweater for him.

I’m spinning a 2lb bag of Manx Loaghton in my stash. This is a protected breed from the Isle of Man. I am using a woolen spun technique and have spun 5 skeins or approximately 400 yards. Spun three more bobbins that are ready to be plied.

Kelly’s Projects:

The Garter Squish blanket using handspun leftovers. I finished the skein I was using at NoCKRs and spun another. I finished plying my last (?) skein of yarn last night. Washed it and got it wound to knit with while recording today.

Mother Bear time! I worked on a Mother Bear in the car yesterday as we drove to pick up bees. She has red boots, a multicolor handspun skirt (red, yellow, magenta) and a purple leotard. Right now she has no head. I hope I have enough brown for her whole head. If not she’ll have some gray curly hair on top using a thick and thin handspun for top of her head. 

Mielie vest using Schaeffer Yarn Company Little Danya mohair. This sat in the knitting basket for the last two weeks. Color is Rosa Parks and it was spirit yarn from NoCKRs retreat in 2018.

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