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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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Jul 21, 2019

Crochet critters, punch needle projects, finished sweaters, and listener questions are the topics for this episode. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry,  or email us with your thoughts at

Marsha’s Projects

Finished Lace Market T-shirt by Marie Green using Schoppel-Wolle El Linio. The neck is too big. I intentionally didn’t weave in ends because I thought this might be an issue. I'll reknit the neckline with smaller needles, picking up fewer stitches, and doing a slightly less loose bind off.

I finished first sock using Schoppel-Wolle Das Paar. Cast on for second and knit about 3 inches.

I cast on for a summer weight sweater, Fine Sand by (of course) Heidi Kirrmeier. The yarn is Fibra Natura Unity. The yoke and about 7” of body are finished. Nice yarn with some thick and thin sections that give it character. 

Kelly’s Projects

My Assam Cardigan is finished and I didn’t run out of yarn! The seaming I used was mattress stitch and a variation of duplicate stitch since it was knit sideways. Pull the mattress stitch tight, but make sure the duplicate stitch has your seaming stitches the same size as your knit stitches so it shouldn't be pulled tight.

The Knot Along practice punch needle project is finished. I learned a lot. I used handspun rug yarn leftovers and it’s a good example of different colors with the same value not really having enough contrast for color work. If you look at the piece in a black and white photo you can see that the colors don't have enough contrast in value.

I have several crochet projects finished! Beeyanka Honey pattern was put on my radar by a listener and I snapped it right up and made it during a camping trip. I also finished 8 Mother Bears (2 were knit, 6 orcheted).  

Actively in progress I have a crocheted tarantula for my nephew, the Koru Cardigan, and I’m getting ready to start a miniature punch needle project with a different kind of punch needle than the Oxford Punch Needle brand. I’ll be using crewel weight yarn. It’s a kit. 

Listener Questions

Fiddlewitch (Joanna) asked about “how to get more out of ravelry and tricks on using the site." She also wanted "leads on who else is doing wonderful work out there. Who are your (who are our) favorite unsung designers? "

Kelly: One of my favorite Ravelry features is the advanced search. You can do an advanced search on almost anything--forum posts, projects, your own stash, patterns.  Just look for a link saying advanced search. 

For example, recently I’ve been using the advanced search to find patterns from lesser known designers, particularly designers of color. First I favorited some bundles that were created by others: Solidarity Swap Designers, POC Designers to Lift Up. Then I go to patterns and select “ pattern browser and advanced search.” Once there, the category My Notebook on the side has “favorite bundles” as one of the filters. I also like to use gauge as a filter in order to find a pattern that matches my swatch, rather than trying to make my swatch match a particular pattern.

Finding bundles to favorite in the first place is a little trickier. You can find bundles on a group’s main page or in an individual’s favorites. Ravelry VP of Operations MaryHeatherB has a great set of bundles on her favorites page. Once you favorite/heart a bundle, you can use it as a search filter. 

To support makers who are people of color, you can also follow @bipocinfiber and @bipocmakers on Instagram. Also @ladydyeyarns on Instagram has been posting independent dyers and other makers of color and who are not always as well known.. 

Seine1 (Kathleen) asked "I’d like to hear about some of the Rav groups you belong to."

Kelly: I belong to a lot of Ravelry Groups and you can see them all by looking at the side of my profile page. On the forum page of Ravelry you can organize your forums by clicking on the wrench on the upper right of the forums page. This allows you to adjust all kinds of settings to customize your forums page. In my forums I have the ones I’m most active in on the first tab, then I’ve divided the others into podcast groups, groups for techniques and topics, and the Ravelry main boards.


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