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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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Aug 17, 2020

Rats, Arctic Char yarn, using buckets as stepstools, and other foolishness along with the sweater knitting this week! Full show notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: Also, we have a coupon code for 3GreenSisters Etsy shop. Visit their site and use the code TWOEWES to get 15% off and free US shipping. 

We talk about the Iceland Collection of colorways on our new sport weight 3-ply and Aran weight 5-ply Replenish Rambouillet yarns. Marsha was inspired by the colors of Iceland (and some colors she imagined would be there in the summer months) while she dyed these beautiful yarns. Check out the episodes where she and Kim sent dispatches from Iceland, Episode 129 and Episode 130.

Marsha’s Projects:

I’ve been busy knitting on Holey Comfort cardigan by Hinterm Stein using Elemental Effects Cormo. Finished back and right front of yoke and picked up stitches for left front of yoke. Really fun pattern and interesting details.

I have spun about a third of a bobbin of cotton. Interesting, but not my favorite fiber so far.

Kelly’s Projects 

I’m continuing Targhee Lamb handspun sweater using the Dark and Stormy pattern by Thea Colman.  The cable pattern is interesting and fun. I use a cable needle and have a pretty wooden one that I love. 

I also started knitting rats. The pattern is really realistic. It’s Rats! by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner.  She has some really cute patterns, including The Scullery Cat, that are really appealing to me. Suggestion: when knitting something with a realistic look, I find it useful to look at the project pages and really analyze the ones that look wrong. So often it is a small detail of stuffing amount, eye placement, or contrast yarn choice that makes the designers project look so good. Without the contrast of other projects with different choices, it isn’t always obvious what the designer did that makes the object so appealing. 

Total spinning yardage finished this summer: 4662 yds, 4265 meters. I still have the desire to do some fleece washing and carding and a little more cotton spinning, but I’m not sure I’ll get that in before the end of the Summer Spin-In.

Summer Spin-In

The Summer Spin-In ends on US Labor Day (September 7). 3 Green Sisters makes project bags, spinning wheel bags and loom bags and is providing prizes for the Summer Spin-In as well as as a coupon code for listeners!  They are offering a 15% savings for any bag in our shop with free shipping in the USA with the coupon code TWOEWES.

Here is some information from 3GreenSisters:

Our bags are made from recycled, upcycled, repurposed, vintage and rescued fabrics.  We have many sources to obtain our fabrics including an incredible fabric shop in NYC which lets us "dumpster dive" remnants, generous upholstery and drapery making shops who save their scraps for us, yard sales, Estate Sales and of course, second hand shops.  Each bag is a one of a kind.  This is our small way to give back to Mother Nature.  

Visit their site and use the code TWOEWES to get 15% off and free US shipping.

Join in the chat thread and show off your finished projects in the FO threads. We have a thread for finished spinning projects and we’ll also include a thread for finished projects made with handspun. So non-spinners can be included, too! 

Yarn in the Shop

Our shop has new colors in fingering plus two new bases of Climate Beneficial(™) Replenish Rambouillet! 

We have a new sport weight 3-ply Replenish Rambouillet. Marsha created these colorways as part of the Iceland Collection

We also have an Aran weight 5-ply Replenish Rambouillet, in a variety of greens. Look for more colors in the future. 

Besides the Replenish Rambouillet, We have silver gray Romney and a white Corriedale/Romeldale cross milled by Marcaile at Valley Oak Wool Mill.  These are Aran to Bulky weight yarns with a nice ply twist for a durable yarn. Both are currently available as natural colors, with some dyed versions available in the future. 

The shop also has some spinning fiber. Check out the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures Shop