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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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Sep 19, 2021

Summer Spin-In winners announced! The Two Ewes are together for two weeks so this is a quick, unedited episode to announce the winners and give a brief update on our Washington adventures.

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We drew prizes for the Summer Spin-In. Also, the 3Green Sisters giveaway thread is still going! If you didn’t win yet, go try that thread! You can also shop 3 Green Sisters with a coupon code EWES2 for 15% off. 

Marsha’s Projects

Marsha bought a fountain Pen: we found the Pilot Metropolitan at the UW bookstore. We also found J. Herbin ink  and we try to pronounce.

Finished the socks that I had been working on for awhile. Used Garnstudio Drops Fabel.

Atlas (Ravelry link) by Jared Flood using Navia Tradition. The pattern is also available at his website. Kelly and I had a long discussion about the sweater while poor Mark had to wear it and listen to us try and figure out what I need to do. 

Still knitting on the tea cozy pattern, Nanny Meier’s Tea Cozy by Amelia Carlsen. I am using Cascade 220 Heather in Red Wine Heather (9489) and green Irelande (2429).

Garter Squish Blanket by Stephen West. Wanted to use “spirit yarn” to make a blanket for my brother that he had seen at Close Knit in Portland called Noromania Blanket. Turns out we remembered the blanket very differently and he was correct. So, that will be another blanket project. Decided to go ahead and dye the yarn for my second Garter Squish. Kelly helped by dye all the yarn. The main color is a gradient of a terra cotta. The contrasting yarns we dyed with short color repeats and long color repeats. 

While Kelly was in meetings I drove into Aberdeen, Washington and visited Weird Sisters Wool Emporium owned by Megan Blackburn and Chelsea Barr who dye all the yarn. Megan used to own Little Fish Stitches. I made a pair of sock and the Walk Along tee with her yarm. Bought a skein of sock weight yarn for Kelly from the “Bob Ross: Happy Little Mistakes” bin. Their shop is a little hard to find on the second floor of a business office but do persevere or check out their website.

Also visited Harbor Bead and Craft in Hoquiam, Washington. A nice craft store also a bit hard to find but worth the effort.

Kelly’s Projects

Dark Green Forest by Christina Korber-Reith. I am using a terra cotta yarn that is a dark red overdyed over the light brown color of the CVM yarn. Working on the first sleeve but I’m almost done.

Spinning wheel came with me on the trip and I’ve gotten a little spinning done on my Oxford singles. I think they will become a two ply. 

Patreon Pattern Giveaway!

Patrons get a pattern of their choice up to $8.00. Contact Kelly with your pattern selection! This is going on until the end of September.

Three Green Sisters are offering Fiber Adventurers a coupon code EWES2 for 15% off until the end of the year. They also make custom loom totes, spinning wheel carriers and spindle and heddle bags, along with one of a kind styles. Take a look at what Suzanne and other 3 Green Sisters are offering in their 3 Green Sisters Etsy shop.