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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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Nov 10, 2019

Technology troubles meant you almost didn’t get to hear this episode. But here we are! Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of  our shop website: Come join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

This episode was recorded back on October 29 and is just now getting published due to Kelly's ancient Macbook finally showing its age. Learning a new audio software on a different computer platform meant little editing and a long delay in getting this out to you. We know you'll forgive our recording imperfections so we wanted to get this out to you!

Marsha’s Projects

I'm continuing on Shared Rib cowl by Anne Hanson .  Old Maiden Aunt fingering that in the colorway Crimson Lips that I bought at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

I'm also working on Daphne’s Skull designed by Ellen Sibelius owner of Wooly Wonders. To hear more about her designs check out Episode 109. My progress has slowed way down because I got sick with a cold and the teeth have turned out to be very fiddly. It won't be finished in time for Halloween.

I'm thinking of my next sweater project:

Atlas by Jared Flood

Snow Flower Heidi Kirrmeier

Calder Pullover Rebecca Blair

A shawl using Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet

Kelly’s Projects

I finished Seabrook Socks out of Little Fish Stitches yarn in the Seabrook Sunset colorway.

I started Wooly Wonders Sugar Skull. (This has since been finished)

Sonny Bono Jacket is back in active status. I’m working on the sleeves. 


Fibershed Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium, November 16th, 9-5 at Point Reyes Station

Winter Weave Along--Started October 15 in the Two Ewes Ravelry Group. This weave along goes until the end of March so you have plenty of time for weaving projects. 

Fix it or Nix It--Starts November 1st and goes through January 1. Join the planning on the Ravelry group discussion board.