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Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Welcome to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures, a podcast about knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and all the ways to play with yarn!

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Mar 18, 2024

Oh that Sockhead Slouch hat! Find out just how ridiculous Kelly's is! Our Winter-Weave-Along ends soon and our Out-of-Hibernation-Along is underway.

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Welcome to our first new patron of 2024, Jill P! Thank you for your support of the show and our community.

Marsha’s Projects

Camella Hat: by Katie Pomper. Using Meeker Street Olive’s Outerwear DK in the colorway Dragon’s Breath. 

Nanny Meier Tea Cozy: Inspired by Lily Pulitzer colors. Using Cascade 220 in hot pink and lime green. Cast on the second side.

Fine Sand: by Heidi Kirrmaier. Using West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious. Finished first sleeve and almost done with second.

Alpaca Shawl: I’ve woven 36”. I thought I would keep alternating twill patterns but I was really struggling getting any kind of rhythm throwing the shuttle. Decided to make larger sections tabby and smaller sections (1-1.5”) twills. Going much better!

Socks: The Artful Ewe Clackamas. Halfway down the foot of the first sock.

Baby Surprise Jacket: by Elizabeth Zimmerman. This morning I ordered her digital book that has modifications. 30,000+ projects means it must be a great pattern! I’d like to make a hooded jacket modification. 

Combo Spin #3: Made a swatch of my green combo spin. Trying to decide on a pattern to knit.

Combo Spin #4: I needed something a bit mindless at the beach so I started my fourth combo spin in red. 

Water’s Edge Fiber and Dye: taught by Kathleen Adams Olsen. We dye with indigo. Class held in Kathleen’s home in Seabrook, WA. Her website is under construction but you can subscribe to her newsletter to be notified of events. I messaged her via Instagram (watersedgefiberanddye) or Facebook (Kathleen Adams Olsen).

Kelly’s Projects

I finished my Ultra Slouch Sockhead Hat with Punk Rock Unicorn Dirty Neon. Ridiculously slouchy hat with a cozy folded brim that can be a double or even triple layer for my ears.

I finished the weaving for the Trailer bedroom curtain project.  I bought the cord to go through the bottom casing. Now Robertt needs to install the hooks and attach the cord so I can measure one last time and then sew the two rod casings in the curtain fabric.

I’ve stalled a little with The Drifter by Tamy Gore, Narrow Path Designs. I’m on the decreasing end of the long triangle.

Dozens of Little Squares I now have five strips sewn together and it’s about 17” wide. I’ve slowed down on this because I started two new projects.

For Out of Hibernation I’ve been spinning the batts of Corriedale x Merino x Targhee that I washed, dyed, and carded last summer. It was half a fleece from Black Sheep Gathering in 2017 (about two pounds). During the summer I spun up a violet and a blue-green 3-ply yarn. I've now spun up the red-purple and I’m currently spinning a bright blue. The final color is a red orange. Between the two colors I have about 12 ounces left to spin. 

I started another Classic Knitted Ripple baby blanket using the Red Heart from my mom. There were two grays, black, white and a partial skein of red. There are also two different pinks, but I don’t think I’ll use them.  

A book recommendation from Kelly–Never Alone: A Solo Arctic Survival Journey, by Woniya Dawn Thibeaut. The author describes a lot of fiber arts in preparation for her time on the reality TV show. 

Ravelry Tips and Tricks

Do listeners have any tricks to share?

Out-of-Hibernation Along 

February 1 - June 1. Have you started? Find something that has been in hibernation and get it out and do something. Back to active status, frogging and reclaiming yarn, giving away, throwing away, composting–this is spring cleaning for your project list. Check in with your progress in the Ravelry thread. 


Ends March 31. Join the fun in our Ravelry group!

Seattle Opera Production of Barber of Seville

Friday, May 17th

20% discount on tickets with the code KNITTER20

Seattle Opera is having a Relaxed Performance of our production of The Barber of Seville. While there will be no changes to the performance, the experience for the audience will have some alterations including:

  • Lights being dimmed in the theater instead of fully dark
    • A relaxed atmosphere allowing patrons to talk and vocalize as they wish
    • Being able to leave and re-enter the theater as needed
    • Special areas designated as a technology use area

…and much more.

These adaptations are designed for a multitude of people and as a knitter myself, I couldn’t help but think this would be great for groups of fiber artists to attend and craft throughout the show! While I can knit a basic pair of socks during a performance, having the lights up alone will make it easier to find any dropped stitches or check a pattern.

More information about the production can be found at More information about what a relaxed performance entails can be found at

Meg Stoltz
Associate Director of Marketing and Knitter

Thank you Meg for offering listeners a discount on tickets. It should be a fun event.